Today, every girl wants to look beautiful. And this desire to look beautiful is not nowadays but is centuries old. To look beautiful, it is necessary to have healthy skin. But with this, with the help of makeup we can look even more beautiful.

For perfect makeup, whether it is the eyes or the cheeks, it is very important to do it properly. And for this thing, makeup brushes help you. There are many types of brushes available in the market to enhance the beauty of the face. You can buy different brushes for makeup of eyes, lips etc.

The right choice and use of makeup brushes should come to make-up and to enhance your beauty through it. Because different brushes are used for every makeup. So it is important that you know the right brush while doing makeup. So let us tell you different makeup brushes and how to use them.

Makeup Brushes: Know Its Type and Method of Use

Foundation Brush

Most people use their hands to set up a foundation. Due to which the foundation is less than it seems. And the base of the makeup is spoiled. Foundation remains the base of your makeup and if it goes bad, then the entire makeup gets spoiled.

Foundation brush should be used to apply foundation properly. The benefit of applying foundation with a brush is that it helps your foundation in the entire face and gives you a natural look. You will find many types of foundation brushes in the market. So the brush should be used to apply foundation while looking.

Concealer Brush

Concealer is used to hide facial spots, dark circles or any scar. Therefore, it should be properly planted. Concealer brush is used to spread the concealer well on the face, so that the face stains easily hide. And your skin looks impeccable.

Powder Brush

When you apply the concealer and foundation, a compact is used to set it well. Powder brushes are used to apply compacts. In this, you can use any kind of brush, big or small. By applying the powder with hands, often the powder is applied on your face, but with the help of this, applying the powder gives a uniform and correct powder on the entire face.

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Blush Brush

Blush is used to show redness on the cheeks. It has to be applied very gently and lightly on the throat. A blush brush is used to apply the blush. I should neither be big nor small after coming this.

Eyeshadow Brush


Eye makeup is done to make the eyes more attractive. Eye shadow has an important role in eye makeup. Some people always apply brown color, some people choose the color according to their dress. Eye shadow cannot be applied with the help of hands. To apply this, a Eye shadows brush is also used. This brush is flattened at the bottom and oval shaped from the top.

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Eyeliner Brush

The tip of this brush is very thin and the handle is long. The eyeliner is used to give a thin outline of the upper eyelids, making the eyes look beautiful and large.

Fine point Eyeliner Brush:

This brush is made of synthetic fiber. With this brush, when you are getting an eye Liner, it allows you to set the width.

Flat Eyeliner Brush:

This brush is edgy and wide. So that the liner is placed deeply above the eyelids of your eyes. This gives a good look to your cameras.

Angled Eyeliner Brush:

If you want to apply gel cleaner, use angled brush. With this, you will get good help in installing smooth application of Eyeliner. It fits well on your oil and helps in applying liner.

Slanted Eyebrow Define Brush

It helps to give a beautiful and attractive look to your Eyebrow. With its help, you can apply Eyebrow cream. It is used to make Eyebrow look darker as well as to separate each hair.

Spiral Eyebrow Brush

If your Eyebrow hair is uncontrolled. So you can correct them by combing with the help of this brush.

Mascara Brush

Mascara is applied on the eyelids. Mascara is used to highlight eyelids. Mascara is applied using a mascara brush. This makes the eyes look more beautiful.

Lip Brush

Lip brushes are used to apply lipstick or lip-gloss. Because if you apply the lipstick directly, then the lipstick does not apply well on the lips and sometimes even spreads out from the lips. If you use a lip brush, then lipstick will be able to be applied on the whole lips. So that it will not flourish and your lips will get a good look. The sable of this brush is flat and pointed from the front.

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Fan Brush

The fan brush is used after you make up. So that excess powder can be removed from the face. The handle of this brush is long and crescent in front.

Bindi Brush

As the name suggests, the Bindi brush is used to apply the dot. With the help of this brush, you can make different sizes of dots and designs. You can look different in any wedding or function by applying designer bindi.

You can get a beautiful look by using all the above makeup brushes. But apart from using makeup brushes, it is also very important to take care of them. If it is not, then bacteria start accumulating in them, due to which there is a risk of damage to the skin.

What to Show Makeup Brush: –

  1. The makeup brush’s sable is glued with glue. Therefore, they should not be kept in water for a long time.
  2. After applying makeup, keep your brush clean. If the material of makeup will stick in it, then dust will stick on it. And the next time you use the same tool, in this way you will transfer many bacteria to your body.
  3. The brush should not be kept upside down for a long time, by doing this the shape of the sable starts to change. Additionally, after cleaning the brush, place it in cotton or tissue paper so that it does not deteriorate due to anything.
  4. Instead of cleaning the brush by hand, a makeup brush cleaner should be used. Alcohol based cleaner is available for this, you will be able to clean your brush well.
  5. After washing the brush, always press it in cotton or tissue paper so that the size of the sable may come naturally.

Above you may know about different makeup brooches and their uses. Makeup brushes are used like painting brushes. The way we use painting brushes to paint while painting likewise, the makeup brush also helps in increasing your beauty. No matter how good the makeup products are, it is difficult to apply them properly without a makeup brush. These are available in the market at very low prices.