Dhoni Birthday Special

Today, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, 38, is the former captain of Team India and one of the biggest names in Indian cricket. Of course in the World Cup this day, his bat is not fired by fire, for which he is known, but this player is still excellent behind the wicket. Well, we will not criticize his or her cricket stats here, but rather discuss one of the most important aspects of their lives. He is the most special aspect of his personal life, his love story and his unique marriage.

The first meeting of Dhoni and Sakshi was shown to be in a five star hotel in Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s life, “MS Dhoni-A Untold Story”. But this is not a reality. Mahendra Singh Dhoni and the witnesses knew each other since childhood. Dhoni and Sakshi’s father used to work in Mankon (MECON), a company in Ranchi. Due to the background of Uttarakhand, there was a close relationship between the two families. Both of them used to read at one school in Ranchi. But after this, the family of the witness was shifted to Dehradun, where his grandfather lived earlier and after that the contact between the two families ended. But God had something else approved. Whatever happened after that you will have seen in the film. Both met, friendship continued and then it turned into love.

A new identifier to the Indian cricket team, Team India twice to be the world champion and the first to win the title of Champions Trophy. Mahendra Singh Dhoni, the world’s most successful wicketkeeper and finisher, has become a full 38 year old today. His life has been a struggle for a moment in a normal family to become the captain of Team India. They worked hard to achieve this position. Given the ups and downs, struggles and success of his life, he also made a film in Bollywood (MS Dhoni an untold story). There are many moments and aspects of his life which are not given much attention in the film. Let us look at some of the aspects of their life which you hardly know about.
Former India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni looks quite calm and comfortable on the field but outside the field he is openly with his friends and family. One such incident is of that time when he was working as TTE (2001-2003) at Kharagpur station in West Bengal. Those rounds were not of mobile phones and videos but they used to do many types of pranks with their friends. When he got tired after working and playing cricket, together with the friends of the railway, with a white sheet around the railway quarters, roaming around the night and making the guards fool and frightening that ghosts roam in the night. In some days this news spread throughout the city.
The step that won everyone’s heart
Mahendra Singh Dhoni, one of Team India’s most successful captains, was given the honorary post of Lieutenant Colonel in the Indian Army after India’s World Cup title for the second time in April 2011. He was the second cricketer to receive this honor after Kapil Dev. He took over the post of Colonel on November 1, 2011. After this he has been actively managing this responsibility. After completing his position in the Territorial Army, he completed training like a soldier in the Para Regiment of Agra. Dhoni himself wrote to the army to take the training. He was trained in paragliding and sky diving at Para Training School (PTS). He completed this training in 2015. During training he jumped five times from the parachute. Dhoni had shown the courage to jump from the height of 1200 feet four times and once at a height of 1600 feet.
Padma Bhushan, when taken in a special style
When Dhoni was awarded the country’s third highest civilian honor Padma Bhushan. On this occasion, he used to wear Army uniform and parade while reaching the stage. It was a great thing to be honored with the Padma Bhushan, but after receiving it in the uniform of the Army, Dhoni put it on the wall. Dhoni did this by saying that regardless of the uniform of any color, he feels proud to wear it.
Devdi Mata has unwavering faith
Former India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni has faith in God too. Dhoni often visits the temple of Deori Mata about 80 km away from Ranchi. Their devotional mother has unwavering faith. They are sure to go to the pavilion in the mother’s court before the special days of their life-like birthdays or any major tour or tournament.
By the time Dhoni was not a big star, more people did not know this temple. After the arrival of Dhoni, this temple also got very good headlines. In 2011, Dhoni considered the World Cup victory in this temple.

Bikes are Dhoni’s first love
Mahendra Singh Dhoni is fond of biking and bike collection. There are about 30 bikes in their bikes. This includes his first bike or Yikes 100 to bikes like Harley Davidson. He is often seen riding a bike in the hometown of Ranchi. Many of the world’s known superbikes and vintage bikes are present in this collection.

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